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Flirting vs being friendly I Want Men

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Flirting vs being friendly

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It's easy to mistake someone's friendliness for something.

I Am Search Sexual Partners Flirting vs being friendly

If you're attracted to them, it flirting vs being friendly cloud your judgement even. It can potentially be very embarrassing to accidentally put the moves on someone who's just trying to be nice. According to experts, it is challenging to figure out if someone's flirting or just being friendly.

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But there are some clues you can look out. It's basically slowly putting yourself out there and testing the person's response to make sure they're the right person for you.

Because of its subtlety, it's very easy to mistake it for something. The truth is, some people are flirtin naturally friendly. So they may say "hi" or give you a smile whenever they see you. But they may not think anything flirting vs being friendly it, because it's just how they are.

Unless you're a mindreader, you can't really know what people's true intentions are. The good thing is, there are noticeable differences between someone flirting and flirting vs being friendly who's just being nice.

Here are some signs you should look out for, according to experts.

One way to truly distinguish if someone's actually trying to flirt instead of just flirting vs being friendly friendly is how often they repeat that they're single whenever you're. If they're trying to find out you relationship status, that's another big clue they're probably interested in you.

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When someone's just being nice, they'll likely stick to small talk. But once someone starts flirting with you, they'll find ways to get to know you better.

According to Schweyer, they'll try to dig deeper into your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, and your point of view. For instance, are they giving you special treatment?

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Do they smile or laugh more when you're around? Do they offer you compliments and not others?

If so, they're likely flirting with you. They'll ask a lot of follow-up questions in order to keep the conversation going. They'll hang on to your every word and may laugh flirting vs being friendly every joke you make as if you were the funniest person in the world.

So if someone's always coming to you for advice on the smallest things like good restaurants or bars to try, they may be trying to flirt with you. Pay attention to what they say after.

flirting vs being friendly If they casually say you two should go there together sometime, they may be asking you for a date. It's easy to quickly say "hi" to someone when you pass by.

But most people won't purposely go out of their way to be around someone or engage in small talk just to be friendly. So if someone's making the effort to be around you, they're likely interested in you.

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You can read whether a person is flirting or just being nice through their body language. For instance, when someone's into you, they may lean in closer to you when you talk.

They may mirror your actionswhich naturally happens when someone's trying to connect with another person. But if you really want to know if someone's trying to flirt, Schweyer suggests checking their feet.

People aren't always easy to read, and florting out their intentions isn't always easy. But if you pay attention to these things, flirting vs being friendly can help you determine if someone's actually into you or just being friendly.